General rules and regulations

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General rules and regulations

Post by Jillian Gears on Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:21 pm

Some General rules those of the network should know.

1. Respect for Staff and members on and off the forums are a must. Which means:
A) no over excessive use of foul language. Any over excessive use will result in a warning.

B.) be courteous to other members. If someone asks you to not do something politely then please do what they asked.
C.) any signs of member, or staff harassment/ bullying within the network will be dealt with the staff.
If anyone has any problems with someone or content in the network sites, please come to us directly about it, do not handle it yourself. Thank you!

2.  An introduction upon registering will be required if not already done on the skype chat.

3. Maturity is required when viewing the content. No trigger warnings will be required unless it is something that might cause a Seizure or other issues which might impact another's life negatively.

4. please be at least Semi active on the forums, or skype chat. If anyone is to be away please mention so in the skype chat or on the coming and going thread. Thank you!

5. Due to the horror nature of those within the network. We ask that those be aware of the possibly of such content being posted and advise the age for those who join be 17+ or mature enough to handle it.

Consequences of breaking the rules:

First strike will result in a warning. Second will result in another warning, third strike is a ban from the network sites.

After reading the rules please message that you have read and agree to them. Thank you!
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